Caulkins Park

Project at a Glance
Caulkins Park
New London, CT

Client: Joe Johnson, City of New London

Architect: Barun Basu Associates

Project Delivery: General Contractor

Contract to perform extensive renovations to Caulkins Park was awarded to Diversity Construction. Work is underway to build three soccer fields that will accommodate youth programs, and a softball field to be used for high school level games and practices. Renovations will also include constructing a 5-foot wide, half-mile long track, that encircles the park and installing an underground irrigation system.

A portion of wetlands in the northwest corner of the park, near Riverview Avenue and Alger Street, will be reclaimed and transformed into two Bioswale Rain Gardens filled with native, noninvasive plants. Edges of the park, which are steeply sloped, will be landscaped with wildflowers.

Renovation began in May 2013 and is scheduled to be completed in May 2014.

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